Friday, October 19, 2012

A Florida Quilt

My mother-in-law is visiting from Florida to meet our new little Bug. When she is up here, she is always snuggling in one of the quilts in our family room (she's not used to these Northern fall temperatures anymore)! Yesterday, she said to me, "If I buy all the material, will you make me a quilt?" That was the best question ever!! Of course I said, "Of course!" and we spent the afternoon at a local quilt shop. She likes the brighter colors, so we selected a bunch of different fabrics. As much as I like to use lines and collections that are designed to coordinate, I also really enjoy going into a quilt shop, pulling lots of bolts off the shelves, and piling them all up on the cutting table, auditioning different fabrics and combinations.

The ladies at the shop are always so helpful, and often mention that helping customers with fabric selection is one of their favorite parts of working in a quilt shop. We always end up chatting about quilts we've made, and different tips and techniques. In fact, yesterday, I learned about two free apps that help with quilt planning and fabric requirement calculations. They are called Quilt Fab and Block Fab.

Anyway, this stack of lovely is destined to become a lap-size quilt, probably in the Shoeboxes pattern, to keep one Florida girl toasty.

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