Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Baskets

I saw a tutorial for fabric Easter baskets online last night and I thought that would be a fun and easy project to make for my daughters and nephews. I modified the pattern a bit...I made it several inches bigger and change the shape of the top of the basket and the way the handle was attached. I also added a monogram for my girls and initials for my nephews. It makes it a bit more personal! I was able to make these completely from fabric remnants I had laying around from various other projects. Overall, I like the changes I made to the pattern- I think the extra size will make it much more practical as Easter basket. 

The appliqué letters were so thin (even though I printed them bold) that I decided to sew a single line down the centr of each, rather than trying to zig-zag aground the entire edge. I like the way they turned out & can't wait to see them filled up on Sunday!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starting Luke's Baby Quilt

My friend Maureen just had a sweet, squeezable little baby boy, and my goal is to finish his baby quilt before he is one month old!

Here is the fabric--she wanted blues and dark reds:

In-progress shots:
(I had a good little helper!!!)

I just need to sew on that label, quilt, and bind it. I have 2 weeks. I can do it!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Communion Quilt Progress

Some progress has been made on the Communion Quilt! I added a brown border, made the backing, basted it, and started quilting.
So far, I quilted the yellow sections. I did loop-de-loops in the yellow sashing around each of the squares, and then a free motion meandering in the yellow around 2015. 

Next task: I need to decide how to quilt the brown cross and border. 

Lucky Stars 11 & 12

I finished these two beauties, but never posted about them.
Here are Lucky Stars 11 and 12:

I have plans to make 4 more!

Communion Quilt

A longstanding tradition at our church is for the second graders to make quilt squares to commemorate their First Holy Communion. The finished quilts hang in our church hallway near the CCD classrooms. This year, I volunteered to make the quilt, and I'm so happy I get to help continue a tradition from my own childhood. 

Here is Leah's quilt square:
It is 6" finished, so the letters are really tiny and started to fray as I stitched around them. Luckily it is only really obvious up close, and it is secure enough that I'm not worried about it. 

Here is the progress on the whole quilt so far:

I still need to add a thin brown border all the way around. Then I can make the backing, baste, quilt, and bind.