Monday, April 9, 2012

Quilts For Kids

Last summer I came across the website of an organization that provides quilts for kids who are sick and in hospitals all across the county. ( I ordered a kit of fabric (they send you a fabric kit free, all you need to provide are the batting and thread). I also bought a little bit of fabric for the binding because I didn't want to just fold over the backing and top stitch it down to the front.

I also used scraps from the Goose's Brown Bear quilt and made a second quilt to send along with the first. I finished these two last fall and shipped them off to Quilts for Kids. :)

Turtles & Friends
Turtle and Friends

Brown Bear
Brown Bear

The Brown Bear quilt was made entirely from scraps from a kit I had ordered a few years ago to make the Goose a Brown Bear quilt...I can't believe how much extra fabric was included in the kit for the pattern provided! I still have some scraps left!

I used a gift card I got for Christmas to buy fabric to make two more quilts for Quilts for Kids.
Fabric for two more quilts for Quilts for Kids...

The two quilt tops are done now... They just need to be basted and quilted. I hope to finish them up soon! :)

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